Electric Underfloor heating Mat 150w

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* Heating Mat Size:

Pro Heat Trade 150w systems are designed for quick heat up times and designed for long lasting performance with a lifetime Guarantee. Easy to install with full instructions these are perfect for professional heated floor.Compare to 200w systems these are more economical however will achieve the same heat just in slightly longer time frame

Kit Contains:

1 x Self Adhesive Underfloor heating Mat - Size Selected by customer

1 x Conduit

1 x Thermal Primer

1 x Roller

2 x Rolls of Fixing Tape

Easy to follow Instruction

Please be advised Floor Probes come with the Thermostats and not the mats


How does Electric undefloor Heating compare to Radiators ?

Electric Underfloor heating systems are more effective than radiators as they warm and heat the part of the room that you feel rather than with radiators often having to be on longer to get the same heat see example image. Electric Underfloor heating systems are very effective so often do not need to be on as long meaning they are Energy Efficient.

Item Decription 

150w Heating Mats can be used as the main heating source fro a room and will warm the room quickly and be cost effective heat source where radiators are not required. Suitable for Living rooms, Lounges, Dining rooms, Kitchens, or Conservatories. While also being suitable for Bathrooms and Wetrooms as they are a sealed unit so are completely safe. The heating mats can be used in Large or small areas from 1.5m2 to 24m2

With Our Underfloor Heating Kits they are easy to use and easy to install. They can be used on wood or concrete floors and are suitable for tile with Porcelain, Stone or Mosaic. If they are covered with a self levelling compound they will be suitable to cover with Carpet or Vinyl.


Please be aware as with all our competitors heating mats over 12m2 come with 2 x mats they are then run parrellel to each other and would be then wired into a single thermostat.

Self Adhesive Underfloor heating Mat & 2 x Roll of Fixing Tape, 
Thermal Primer & Roller, Floor Probe & conduit, a Choice of Thermostat, Easy to follow step by step Instructions. All mats are 0.5m wide so for example a 2m2 mat will be 0.5m wide by 4m long = 2m2

We can supply you 150w Mats and have sizes from 1.5m sq to 24m sq in our warehouse waiting for your order. 

(All orders over 12m are provided by 2 undefloor heating mats)

Professional Mat Quality Dual core so is safe and secure. Ultra thin cable so is easy to tile over is made of stranded cable so is so an not easily broken

  • Dual Core Wire
  • Thin 3mm Cable Keeping the increase in floor height to a minimum
  • Fluoropolymer conductor Insylation
  • Durability 100% Armoured earth coverage to the entire wire offering saftey and Peace of mind
  • CE Certificed 150w giving ample power to poorly insulated rooms
  • High Output of 150w compare with lower 100w systems
  • Cold Lead Twin Conductor construction emmitting no harmful EMF









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